Let us handle your IT.

So what all do we take care of?



Technology QA

  • Learning what each technology user in your organization does and how its critical to your overall success.
  • Regular on-site visits to check up on employee workflow and root out unreported issues.
  • Maintaining asset inventory of IT equipment and assignment.



  • Learning and documenting your “Company Way”
  • Providing risk and strategy planning for scalability, leverage, and compliance.
  • Regularly scheduled meetings with your leadership team to keep IT aligned with your business plan.
  • IT budget and lifecycle planning.


Professional Services

  • Providing IT project planning.
  • Tailoring and installing new IT solutions.
  • Assisting with IT expansion and new location buildout.


Service Team

  • Dedicated client portal where you can create or check on the status of any ticket in real time.
  • Help Desk with 1 hour initial response time on tickets.
  • Proactive monitoring of equipment health and backups.
  • Emergency after hours support.

Bundled is Better

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Worried about compliance?

We help you meet and keep up with the ever-increasing complexity around compliance.
Examples of where we can help:

Our Services


Our team members must all provide fingerprints and background checks to work with Criminal Justice Information Systems before being hired. We understand the requirements around handling this very sensitive data and can help you pass CJIS IT Audits.


We are HIPAA trained and certified and understand the IT perspective of handling PHI data. The tools we leverage are fully HIPAA compliant and include business associate agreements where needed. We can help you create HIPAA compliant IT practices and solutions.


SOC is a complex and ongoing compliance framework. We have helped companies work through and earn SOC II type II certification. If your organization is needing SOC II and is struggling to implement the IT controls needed, we can help.


Assisting with implementing the right payment solution and setting up your network to pass quarterly audits.
We take care of your tech so you can focus on your business.
IT is constantly evolving. Don't waste your time trying to solve it on your own.
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