When Does It Make Sense to Outsource Your IT?

Outsourcing your IT department is definitely a decision that no business owner should take lightly, regardless of size. Choosing to keep everything in-house means that every last server, desktop and even kilobyte of information is under your complete control at all times. However, it also makes this all your responsibility – if something goes wrong, nobody is going to fix it but you.

 Why Outsource IT?

For some, making the decision to outsource your IT might not make sense at all. If you run a small business with just yourself and one other employee, you likely won’t see any type of appreciable benefit to outsourcing that you wouldn’t get from either hiring a dedicated employee or doing everything yourself (if you can, in fact, do it yourself). Part of success in outsourcing your IT comes in knowing how to identify exactly WHEN the decision makes sense and then taking that important step to do the right thing for your business. Of course, this requires you to keep a few key things in mind.

Your Infrastructure Is Too Big to Manage With Your Current Resources

Perhaps the number one sign that it might make sense to outsource your IT has to do with your level of control over your current situation, or rather your lack thereof. Managing IT can be a full-time job in and of itself, which can quickly prove difficult if you don’t have the employee resources to devote one or more full-time employees to this task. Antivirus solutions need to be updated. Software bugs need to be patched. Hardware issues develop constantly and sometimes troubleshooting alone can eat up the better part of a day, to say nothing of how long it actually takes to fix something when the problem is identified.

 Throughout all this time, you’re likely thinking to yourself “I wish my IT employee could be focusing on something that would move my business forward, instead of working so hard to maintain the status quo.”

 If you’ve found yourself in exactly that situation before, you’re in the perfect position where outsourcing your IT makes all the sense in the world. Everything already mentioned – from patching to updating to routine maintenance to network security and more – is handled by a managed services provider. Suddenly, you have access to an IT employee (or team of employees) who can now turn their attention elsewhere, allowing them to do the jobs that you actually hired them to do rather than focus on what you needed them to do in the past.

You’re Looking for a Way to Reduce Costs

 It’s no secret that an investment IT is often necessary to remain competitive in the market as a whole. However, that investment is often a sizeable one – between servers, storage and other hardware as well as software licenses, subscriptions and more. You’re looking at a pretty massive upfront investment before you’ve even seen a single dime by way of a return.

 On the one hand, you need these resources to help provide maximum value to your clients. On the other, is it possible for those clients to make up for the initial investment in the first place? It’s a self-fulfilling trap to get caught in, but with outsourcing it’s one that you don’t have to worry about any longer.

 When you make the decision to outsource your business’ IT, you eliminate all of these costs. You don’t have to worry about the cost of buying new hardware (or paying someone to fix existing resources). You don’t have to worry about software subscription licenses. You don’t even have to worry about hiring a dedicated IT employee at all if you don’t want to – your business may not even need one any longer. This would eliminate costs associated with training, health insurance and more even further.

 Instead, what you’re left with is all of the technology that you’ve come to rely on for one monthly, predictable fee. If that sounds like the type of benefit your business could use right now, outsourcing is likely for you.

You NEED the Latest Technology to Remain Competitive

 Keeping in line with the same idea of depending on technology to remain competitive, one of the biggest challenges that many small businesses face is the rapid rate at which technology changes in the first place. You’ve just spent several thousand dollars on a new server, only to find that it is outdated and woefully inadequate for your needs in six months. Now you’re faced with an unenviable situation – you can either upgrade yet again, or try to make do with what you have. Neither one is the best scenario to find yourself in.

 Outsourcing your IT eliminates this core challenge, however, as you automatically have access to the latest that modern technology has to offer by way of your managed services provider. Software is automatically patched, making sure that you and your employees are always using the latest version. As hardware falls outdated, you don’t have to worry about updating it – that is your managed services provider’s job. You get access to all of the most advantaged technology that you need and none of the risk associated with making the wrong purchasing decision, buying a piece of hardware that isn’t the right fit for your goals and more.

Along the same lines, outsourcing your IT also brings with it the added benefits of scalability and flexibility that your business likely never had. You don’t have to worry about buying a new server as your business expands – you can add or remove resources at will, guaranteeing that you’re only paying for what you’re actually using. You don’t have to worry about spending money on a hard drive that sat unused due to a miscalculation in your priorities ever again.

Outsourcing your IT can help make your business great. Contact us today!