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Why we do IT

Technology as a means to an end.

Our company mission is to transform technology from a fixed cost into an asset that helps enable organizations to reach their business goals. Our ideal environment is one that has reached a point where reactive issues are an anomaly – we understand that value to operations comes from keeping the organization up and running, not firefighting ongoing problems.

We’re also motivated by challenge: why should small businesses not benefit from the same professional IT level service and consulting seen in large organizations? We take pride in finding, creating, and adapting solutions to fit and enable growth for the small business sector.

Why Outsource?

  • You get a full team for less than the cost of your own employee. The benefit of a team when tackling difficult issues or during an emergency cannot be overstated.
  • Your company isn’t the testing grounds for new solutions or roll-outs.
  • You benefit from our longstanding relationships with vendors and third party support. 
  • You mitigate turnover risk. If your employee leaves or is injured / sick, does anyone else know your environment?
  • You gain an IT projects division: a team to oversee the technology planning of that new expansion or renovation.

How we do IT

  • Processes

    The right tools are only part of the how – without processes in place to ensure consistent results and follow-up, that new server backup could be a paper weight when you need it most.

  • Service Focused

    We help people, not technology. At the forefront of any IT support should be friendly, down to earth old school customer service. Technology can already be frustrating enough, why add dealing with someone rude to the mix?

  • Documentation

    It may sound cliché, but high quality documentation is quite often the most lacking element of any IT team, outsourced or otherwise. What’s the point of a full service team if there’s just that one guy who knows your setup? Our documentation system ensures all of our team members are knowledgeable about the nuances of your environment.

Standardization Mitigates Risk

We are heavily process and document driven – our solution sets are standardized and undergo an extensive vetting process before they ever touch your production environment. We staff only higher tier certified technicians, enabling our team to tackle problems not necessarily seen before; this also serves the added benefit of saving you from having to go through a tiered escalation process for support.

Old Fashioned Service Relationship

We’re strong believers in face to face relationships. We proactively walk your site(s) to keep a pulse on your environment and uncover hidden issues.

We ensure you have a real knowledgeable technician answering your calls, with access to all of our resources and documentation to best assist you when issues arise.

What we do

Comprehensive IT Outsourcing

All of our energy and development is focused on one thing: we want to be your IT department. To that end, we offer not only reactive support and proactive monitoring, but also act as network administrators and consultants.

Centralized Services

  • 24/7 Proactive Monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Managed Antivirus / Anti-malware
  • Managed Backups

Reactive Support

  • 24/7 Help Desk
  • On-Site Service
  • Remote & In-House Support
  • Emergency Response

Network Administration

  • Network Security
  • Best Practices Implementation
  • Proactive On-Site Checkups
  • End User Education


  • Compliance Checks
  • Lifecycle Planning
  • Documentation
  • IT Budget Development

Meet the Team

We’re Only as Good as Our People

We are a team of dedicated, certified IT professionals, ready to go beyond that extra step to help you realize your goal.

J. Paul

J. Paul

Account Specialist


Service Engineer


Service Engineer


Project Engineer


Project Engineer


Network Administrator


Purchasing and Development







What others say about us

Walter Hinkle

Dependable technology is critical to our business and the service we provide:  Answering 60,000+ calls each month. IT issues must be resolved quickly and effectively, as ours is a 24/7 operation with a primary office as well as operators in remote locations.

We switched to TechBundle as our IT support over a year ago, and I’ve been impressed and pleased with their daily performance as well as their afterhours support. The quality and professionalism of TechBundle technicians has been excellent, and with their guidance our disaster recovery plans are finally where they need to be.

I am 100% happy with TechBundle as our IT support team, and it’s rare that I’m 100% happy with any support vendor.

Walter HinklePresidentLaser Answering
Chris Meunier

As an engineering company, we’re dead in the water if our technology services go down. TechBundle has been working with us for over 4 years, and have ensured our systems are both redundant and have recovery plans in place should the worst happen. This has allowed us to focus on our clients and projects without having to worry about IT.

They have been invaluable in assisting us in our business growth and development – I can’t stress enough how beneficial their regular consulting meetings and projects team have been in saving us time and wasted money, especially as we expand and grow.

Chris MeunierPrincipal OwnerS-Con Inc.
Allen Housley

TechBundle has effectively managed the exponential growth of our technology as we added 6 new locations and major construction of a new corporate headquarters.

Our operations and growth depend heavily on technology, and I can say staff and ownership have been very happy with TechBundle’s support and proactive consultation. They understand our business and our IT, and they’ve practically eliminated downtime, making our tech more efficient and less frustrating.

I recommend TechBundle to any business, and especially those with plans to grow because they’ve made our IT an active partner in our success and development.

Allen HousleyGeneral ManagerWe-Rent-It
Joseph Rodell

For 12+ years, TechBundle has partnered with us to grow and improve our operations.  As to business knowledge, they’ve learned our unique market and have really helped us in our growth.  As to their reliability, they’re prompt to respond and always meet our timelines, even if that means late hours or traveling to remote locations.

We recommend TechBundle for their business-oriented IT know-how, support and consultation.  We trust them with our business IT and it’s been a great relationship.

Joseph RodellVice-PresidentR Construction
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